Enjoyable and engaging, without the repetitive exercises

Discover hundreds of locally-sourced media content

Explore our curated trove of native media content from around the world, and journey through the stories shared by individual content creators.

Master vocabulary

Confidently speak in any situation with vocabulary and grammar learning pulled from articles or community discussions.

Master Language Skills with an Interactive AI Assistant

Chat with our AI language assistant, designed to provide invaluable support and guidance on your language learning journey

Engage and learn together

Improve your language skills with a community forum for news discussions, tips sharing, and conversation practice.

Made by language learners for language learners.

Unlocking Language Learning for All

At our core, we believe that language learning should be accessible to everyone, regardless of their ability to travel or fully immerse themselves in a new language.

Reading in a foreign language helps better your understanding of the language

Reading in a foreign language can result in a remarkable 40% improvement in speaking and writing skills, as well as significantly enhancing overall language proficiency.

Immersion Improves comprehension

Research shows that learners who fully immerse themselves in another language are five times more likely to comprehend spoken language.

The Power of Language Discussions

Studies have proven that taking part in language discussions can enhance your communication skills by an impressive 75%

Our Story

Why I hate traditional language learning but love immersive acquisition

I love learning Spanish. The challenge, the culture, and more importantly; I love the immersion. There’s something about being surrounded by a new language that makes me feel like I can learn more, and do it better. This app was born out of my frustration with other language learning apps that didn't offer the kind of immersive experience I was looking for. I knew from my own experience that immersion and forcing myself to be around the language was the best way to learn. The dream of learning a new language typically ends with either traditional classroom-based instruction or using one of the many language learning apps available on the market. I would study for hours, have an initial peak of language comprehension with a forgetful and frustrating comedown. It would mess up my motivation, leaving me feeling discouraged. Unconsciously searching for another language  app to “bring me back to life. Traditional language learning has its own struggles, with endless hours of classroom instruction, rigid schedules, and a lack of authentic cultural context. It leaves me either bored or not wanting more. Which was the problem.

My time in Costa Rica 🇨🇷  and Peru 🇵🇪  was unforgettable. Not only did I get to meet amazing people from all over the world - locals and travelers alike - but I also had the chance to volunteer with a marginalized community, collaborating with health officials and teaching English to children. This experience provided me with a profound understanding of the local culture and community. Being surrounded helped force me to understand and speak better.  My realization of the significance of immersion and cultural representation in Spanish led me to create Y Glot, an app that combines my love for technology with these fundamental aspects of learning. The experience allows users to engage with local media and a community of native speakers. The app also incorporates fun and challenging features, creating an efficient and memorable learning experience.

With Y Glot, I created an immersive first platform that could provide some level of immersion and cultural understanding that comes with traveling to a foreign country, but from the comfort of one's own home, the train, on the beach, while volunteering or while making some coffee ☕️. As much as traveling to a foreign country can provide an unparalleled level of cultural immersion, the costs associated with flying and accommodation can be prohibitive for many. Therefore, making language learning more accessible and affordable was my top priority with Y Glot. This is all achieved through the integration of cutting-edge language learning tech, AI, and an enthusiastic community of language learners and native speakers from around the globe. 

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